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What is Big Malum?

Big Malum is Big Apple!

Malum is the Latin word for Apple and therefore Big Malum is Big Apple! Big Malum (Big Apple) is a funny and cute cartoon to symbolize New York but Big Malum (Big Apple) is also much more than just a symbol! It is a new and innovative way to communicate!

Why a Big Malum (Big Apple Cartoon) E-cards?

Start sharing Fun and Emotions with Big Apple Cartoon Greeting Cards

The Big Apple Cartoon offers free online greeting cards for any occasion (Birthday, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Easter, St Patrick's Day, Christmas, Get Well, Love, etc.). You can write your own message and send it with the appropriate Big Apple Cartoon E-card.

How it works?

Select your Big Malum (Big Apple Cartoon) E-card, write your message on www.big-malum.com, and send it. It's so simple!

Using it is very simple. First, you need to sign up (or sign in) to www.big-malum.com. Then, All you need to do is to choose the relevant Big Malum (Big Apple Cartoon) E-card you want to send out with the "select" key, then type the recipient's email address, add a subject and write your message on the box that appears on the home page, and send it. Please click on FAQ for additional details.

E-cards vs traditional cards

Traditional print cards are nice, E-cards are great and offer other benefits

E-cards are considered environmentally friendly compared to traditional print cards because paper is not used in the end product. Big Malum (Big Apple Cartoon) offers free E-cards with a creative cartoon in one side and an area to write a message on the other side. Funny, smart, creative, easy to send..., surprise your loved ones with Big Apple Cartoon E-cards.

Digital Rituals for Big Malum (Big Apple Cartoon)E-cards

Big Malum (Big Apple Cartoon) is an oasis and a playground at the same time!

Go to E-cards and find out what the rituals are!